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California Private Detective Services

With Offices in San Francisco and Marin

Welcome to Filley and Associates. We conduct in depth and professional investigations in the U.S. Our offices are both located in the San Francisco Bay Area, but we routinely conduct civil and criminal investigations throughout the United States. Our professional investigators are experienced and well equipped.

Detective Services for Attorneys

For attorney clients we offer savvy, smart, experienced investigators. We understand that as an attorney, you need your investigators to go out into the field and be an extension of yourself. You need us to ask the right questions, keep you informed, report clearly and concisely and most of all, save you time. As experienced legal investigators, we understand the needs of attorneys. We look forward to working with you on your next case. Please visit our main site, www.filley.com for more information about the legal investigation services we offer.

Detective Services for Businesses

Businesses need an experienced professional investigator to listen to the problem the business is facing and make effective recommendations, based on deep experience in the matter at hand. As a business owner or manager, you need to get good advice, a fair and clear quote of what the costs will be and a thorough follow through. You need us to solve the problem, whether it be internal theft, the theft of intellectual property or asset and background checks to name a few. We understand that making you look good is our job too. Please visit our main site, www.filley.com for more information about the business investigation services we offer.

Claims Investigation Services for Insurance Professionals

As an insurance claims professional, you need organized, energetic, experienced investigators. You need an investigation company that confirms receipt of a new claim, conducts the requested investigation without a lot of hand holding and then reports quickly and in your format. You need the claim handled, as assigned, with each aspect of the assignment clearly addressed. As experienced claims investigators, this is the way we work. Please visit our main site, www.filley.com for more information about the insurance claims investigation services we offer.

Detective Services for Individuals

As an individual, when you call an investigator, you are not just dealing with a work problem. You are calling because you need an experienced personal investigator to provide the information you need, so that you can make an important decision, effecting your life. Whether you need help checking out a caregiver, identifying someone who stole your identity, documenting whether or not your child is safe, while in the care of another or documenting whether or not your partner is cheating, we have the experience and equipment needed. Please visit our main site, www.filley.com for more information about the consumer investigation services we offer.

Detective Services in China

China Detective

We have developed a strong business relationship with our China partner, Zhong Yang Services at www.chinainvestigator.com. They conduct all of our China matters and we handle their US matters. ZY Services combines their on-the-ground investigation expertise in China with Western style client communication, accountability, reliability, confidentiality and billing methods. They offer services in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Spanish. Contact ZY Services directly regarding investigations in China at https://www.ChinaInvestigator.com or via their US contact telephone number, 415-462-0505.

For US cases, call or email us for a free consultation now!

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International: +001-415-462-1631

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